RNC Elects Michael Steele. First African American Chairman

After the 6th round of “overtime” voting, the Republican National Convention has elected its first African American chairman, Michael Steele.

And while I can’t profess to be a Michael Steele fan, a view shared by many African Americans, it is nice to see that the Republican party is at least trying to branch out and shed its label as, the “white supremacist party”, as one RNC member called it.

So what does the Steele election mean for the RNC? That of course is the million dollar question.

Steele ran on a platform of expanding the party from the isolated Southerners only party its become. Hard to argue with that logic. But expanding your party is easier said than done, particularly when leaders of the party refuse to admit that their political ideology has some serious flaws in it.

Issues I plan on examining in later posts.


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