Gregg to Commerce? 60 Seats Within Our Reach? Wait for it…

According to the Huffington Post, there’s a good chance the Obama adminstration will try to convince Judd Gregg to become the next Commerce Secretary.

Why is this important?

Well, because Gregg is a senator from New Hampshire. A REPUBLICAN senator from New Hampshire, a state that happens to have a very democratic Governor. Meaning that if Gregg were to leave his seat, the Govenor of New Hampshire would be free to appoint the 60th Democrat to the senate.

What a brilliant idea! Gosh gee Willis, I’m surprised no one suggested that idea earlier.


November 19th bitches!

Cognitive Dissonance is…wait for it…required White House reading, what up?


3 thoughts on “Gregg to Commerce? 60 Seats Within Our Reach? Wait for it…

  1. Don’t be so sure Lynch would appoint a Democrat. It is in fact highly plausible (given his governing history, his past appointments) that he would go for a Republican, and this is being discussed by a variety of news sources who are hearing similar things.

  2. Actually the focus of my post is on trying to appoint a republican like Gregg is a good idea, not whether or not they’d accept.

    Personally, I think Gregg will decline the offer. Commerce sounds important, but its primarily a hype position usually given to fundraisers.

    Plus, the sheer amount of pressure he’s probably getting to stay from republican senate leaders must be massive. Epically massive.

    Still, I highly doubt Lynch would appoint a Republican. Why would Obama appoint Gregg if that were the case? If Lynch were to appoint a Republican, not only would democrats gain nothing politically, but removing a weak incumbent headed to defeat in 2010 would actually be counterproductive.

    Besides, can you imagine the tidal wave of blowback that would result from Lynch appointing a republican? Perhaps if he were planning to retire from politics and enroll himself and his family in the witness protection program then he would entertain the thought. And that’s just for starters.

    I think a more likely scenario could involve a compromise where there’s a special election to replace Gregg. This would likely appease both Gregg and Lynch.

    John Sununu vs Shea-Porter or Hodes?

  3. Would any Republican senator really be willing to do this. By the time the next Republican administration comes around you would be SOL. No? Plus, isn’t it frowned upon when they pick a Democrat to replace a Republican or vice versa? I know that that no amount of frowning would stop most people but I thought that it was an unspoken truce that when a situation like this comes up that the successor is of the same party. Maybe I’m thinking of something I saw on tv or maybe I just imagined it in my own fantasy world of politics.

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