Boehner Tells House GOP To Vote Against Stimulus Bill

I’m glad the House GOP is keeping anopen mind about the stimulus bill.

President Barack Obama is coming to the Capitol this afternoon to curry favor with congressional Republicans. But it appears GOP leaders have already made up their minds to oppose his $825 billion stimulus plan. House Republican Leader John A. Boehner and his No. 2, Whip Eric Cantor, told their rank-and-file members Tuesday morning during a closed-door meeting to oppose the bill when it comes to the floor Wednesday, according to an aide familiar with the discussion.

I’m sorry, what’s the Republican plan again?


7 thoughts on “Boehner Tells House GOP To Vote Against Stimulus Bill

  1. I’m not a fan of John Boehner … nor of Speaker Pelosi. Both are too devisive … meanwhile, working toward a common-sense solution is a tough sell.

  2. Why is it Pelosi’s fault that House GOP isn’t signing the bill?

    In fact, how are democrats being devise about the stimulus bill in general?

  3. The GOP says they aren’t involved enough, yet the Speaker says it is. The truth is somewhere in between, and that isn’t acceptable. We’re in a time when solving the country’s problem must take precedence over partisan politics. Karl Rove is gone … but his legacy still lives … sorry to say.

    Thanks Phil.

  4. I think you have a very naieve view of politics my friend. Saying we should “all get along” is an empty platitude that’s easy to say but hard to accomplish.

    The truth is, elections have consequences. And when you resoundingly lose an election you get banished to the minority. That’s the winner take all system, if Boehner doesn’t like it he should move to France.

    Of course, I’m all for hearing GOP input. Even in the minority they have a sizable constituency that should be represented.

    The problem is that they waited until the last minute to do anything but bitch. And even then their “ideas” are just “let’s add tax cuts”? Oh really? Tax cuts? I never expected a republican to say that!

    But regardless, rather than whine, the republicans shouldve horsetraded to get some of the things they wanted. The relatively limited scope of their “plan” and the lateness of their proposal says a lot about their desire to work together.

  5. Politics is brutal by its very nature; besides, the extremes of each ideology are polar opposites. The GOP just received a November beating, and seem to be focusing more on upsetting the apple cart than bargaining. Oh no … Karl Rove type tactics live on with these people … meanwhile the Dems are simply saying we’re in charge and have the votes, so the heck with them. That may be ok on some issues, but not the economy.

  6. “Meanwhile Dems are simply saying we’re in charge and have the votes so to heck with them…”

    And what are you basing this off? What John Boehner is saying? Hardily a reliable source.

    Between Obama meeting with the House GOP democrats making a point to include a sizable amount of tax cuts, and stripping of certain provisions republicans have found questionable without forcing concessions, family planning funding, it looks like democrats are being pretty compromising.

    But let’s look at it from the other side. When did George Bush ever solicite advice from Nancy Pelosi on tax cuts or other economic advice? I don’t recall republicans being fair nor flexible about policies when they were in the majority. The simple fact is, republicans are being treated much better as a minority party than democrats ever were.

    Hence, I feel little sympathy for the House GOP. If they want to negotiate, I’d encourage them to be apart of the process. But being apart of the process means trying to help build the house on the inside, not throwing rocks at it from the outside.

  7. From 2001-2006 the GOP held all the power … and we just as guility. No question … and probably worse. At least President Obama is making an attempt.

    Besides Boeher, we now have Eric Cantor out there speaking in front of cameras with twisted information … again, attempting to drive the wedge between the people, the Dems on Capitol Hill, and to a lesser extent, the White House.

    The title of Peggy Noonan’s new book says a lot …. Patriotic Grace: What is it and why we need it now … and yes … your last paragraph say a lot … well done.

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