Cowboy Bebop The Movie?

If you’re a Cowboy Bebop fan like myself, I have some good news for you! And some bad news. And then some really bad news. And then more really really bad news.

The good news is Cowboy Bebop is ,
being turned into a live action movie that’s expected to be part of a major studio’s summer releases.

Unfortunately, the movie is being developed by 20th Century Fox which hasn’t made a good movie since X3….wait a mintue….X-men 3 was a HORRIBLE movie. OH SHIT.

Thought that was bad? It gets worse. Peter Craig is slated to write the script for the movie. Who’s Peter Craig you ask? Exactly.

But here’s the mini cherry on top of the cherry on top of the sundae that is the shittiness you call your life. Keanue Reeves is fucking your mom.

For reals, yo.

Well not really, but he is playing Spike, the main character, which is just as bad.

Bringing a Bebop movie to the big screen is going to be difficult enough as is. And while I’m optomistic the movie will turnout well since Sunrise Inc, the original anime producers, have agreed to work on the creative side, I’m skeptical that this already difficult task can be pulled off at 20th century fox, the Janjaweed of comic book movies.


2 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop The Movie?

  1. I love Cowboy Bebop and I am also concerned that it will be a horrible live action movie. But there is some hope, Keenu was in Constantine and that wasn’t horrible so maybe he can pull it off… maybe.

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