My Thoughts: The First Four Hours of 24


1. Relevant plot twists: One of the things that always bothered me about 24 was their “Joss Whedon-esque” plot turns. That is, radical twists that are thrown in there for pointless shock value. (Curtis’ death, killing President Palmer, etc.) Speaking of pointless shock value…

2. THANK GOD TONY’S BACK: I missed our old buddy soul patch. Tony gives the show a nice counter balance. A badass not named Jack Bauer. Plus, Tony’s long history and rich character development brings a seriousness back to the show. Plus the way he was killed. LAME.

3. Greater sense of suspense: Maybe I’m just suffering from 24 withdrawl, but this season’s suspense seems more geniune than its been in recent previous seasons. For once the action seems to have a greater sense of meaning given the philosophical conflicts underlying the conflict.



1. How did this bitch get elected? : President Taylor sucks. I’m sorry but its true. Flat dialogue, poorly written lines, and a cardboard personality. Hey lady, you’re the commander in chief not the commander in emo. Maybe she’ll eventually develop some depth, but so far Taylor lacks any personality outside of her constant whining. And really, does anyone believe Taylor was elected as a hawk? Yeah right. At this point I would be more convinced if Cheryl Jones played “bad cramps woman #3” in a tampon commercial.

2. Her Political Staff Isn’t Much Better: To be fair, the entire political subplot is dragging ass. One of the strengths of 24 has always been its ability to recreate the politics at play behind the action on the ground. This season? Not so much. With no Agent Pierce, President Palmer, Novick, or Tom Lennox, the “inside ballplayers” are little more than glorified extra’s.

3. The threat is cliche and unoriginal: OMIGOD AFRICAN WARLORDS HAVE STOLEN THE PLOT FROM DIE HARD 2!!! *Gasp* While I like the idea of terrorists using terrorism to change foreign policy, the “magic remote” concept seems silly. Though its not even the “magic remote” that bothers me the most. The threat so far seems too…vague and undefined. ” What? A terrorist has a magic remote that can do “ANYTHING” ? Oh noes! “LOL cat! We’re doomed, doomed I say!

4. African warlords? Really? : Maybe I’m just a skeptic, but the idea of an African warlord bringing down the United States Government? Eh, I’m just not buying it. Now I’m sure there’s a much bigger conspiracy going on behind the already massive government conspiracy, an mastermind controlling everything from afar. But still, General Juma seems like the kind of guy we could “disappear” before I took my morning piss. Also, wouldn’t it be easier to off the general if he didn’t have the remote? Seems like the Govt could off him fairly easy.

All in all, I’m really enjoying day 7 so far. Its much better than the starts to previous seasons like Day 6 which still makes no sense to me. While there are certainly flaws, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives

But of course, we’ve said that before. Fooled by the jampack action and suspense in the first 6 hours only to be left scratching our head by hour 12 and left in confusion by the time the clock hits 23 hrs and 59 mins.

The previews for next week’s episode already seem to indicate that the cliche plot twists are coming back. “Oh no, the first gentleman’s secret service agent is corrupt? Didn’t see that one coming!”. And my money says that Taylor’ss chief of staff is probably in on the conspiracy as well.

But we shall see, my friends, we shall see.


One thought on “My Thoughts: The First Four Hours of 24

  1. Had to record the first 4 hours even though I had it on in the background and caught most of the major points.
    1. I was so about to make the tampon commercial line but you beat me to the punch. Still I think maybe we’re going to find out she’s got really bad diarrhea and she’s staying as stale-calm as possible because if she has any kind of outburst she’s going to drop a deuce in the situation room

    2. The small country warlord angle is always a weak as plot scenario. A guerilla group may be able to covertly run a small country but they sure as shit aren’t capable of taking down the US.

    3. I’m really interested in how they are going to work the whole “snuke” subplot in now that Hildog wasn’t elected president. I guess it still works since she is going to be Secretary of State, but I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not going anywhere near that snizz.

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