Guess Who’s Joining The Cast of Ironman 2?

Apparently Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke are in talks to play villians in Ironman 2.


Le Awesome!

Despite my excitement I’m less than enthused by the two villians each actor will allegedly portray. Rumor has it Rockwell will play corporate rival Justin Hammer while Rourke will either play Whiplash or Crimson Dyanmo.

I don’t know much about Whiplash, but the Crimson Dyanmo is definetely one of my favorite Ironman villians. He’s like Ironman but red and a dirty Commie. What’s not to like?

Still, I have a hard time imagining Rourke playing a Chisled Blood hair blue eyed Soviet.

Ditto for Rockwell playing a multibillionaire evil genius. Rockwell seems too…campy for the role. I prefer my corporate villians to be smooth,ruthless, and cuthroat (think Gordon Gekko in Wall Street) instead of goofy and camp (think Lex Luthor in the original Superman movies). If I had to bet, they’ll transform Hammer from a grumpy old corporate exec to a young and popular similarly genius inventor. Basically an evil Tony Stark.

Fortunately, Rockwell and Rourke have amazing acting abilities, so I’m sure they’ll be able to pull it off.


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