Israel Right; Israel Wrong. Palestinians Dead Either Way

Israel’s response to Hamas rocket attacks that killed no Israeli’s but injured dozens? Multiple prolongued air strikes that
killed 280 Palestinians and injured 600

Way to go Israel, way to go.

As anyone who knows me can atest, I’m probably the biggest hawk when it comes to national security issues but there’s a little thing called a proportionate use of retaliatory force. The kind of logic that says the fact that you punched me in my face is no excuse for hitting you with my car.

Of course by now, most of the people reading this have probably pegged me as anti Israeli, or pro palestinian. That, however is the furtherst thing from the truth. I am a big believer in the right of a nation to use force to defend itself against an external opponent. But like any theory, an element of pragmatism must be applied. At some point the use of force, no less excessive force, reaches the point of diminishing return. A point where your aggressive “self defense” only puts Israel and America in danger.

Israel supporters are quick to point out that Israel is in the right because they’re just defending themselves. On this point I fully agree. Israel has a right to exist and a right to retaliate to attacks against their nation.

But all of this is a red herring for the underlying issue. Just because you are right doesn’t mean your actions are right.

It only takes a moment of common sense to realize that Israel isn’t going to be “wiped off the map” anytime soon. More importantly, Hamas with their weaker weapons, inferior weapons technology, and smaller army, has as much chance of destroying Israel as the Alaska Independence party has of overthrowing the American government.

So in the interest of preserving the life of future generations of Israeli and Palestinian children let’s put the politics and religion aside for a moment and be honest with ourselves. 50 years of perpetual attacks hasn’t worked. I think its time both sides tried something different.


4 thoughts on “Israel Right; Israel Wrong. Palestinians Dead Either Way

  1. Let them eat cake! It worked for the British… or did it. Oh well. I understand the street fighting escalation that if someone brings a knife to a fist fight, then you bring a bat, but then’ll bring a gun, so you’ll bring a… well a bigger gun, and so on and so forth. The “fight” to bring peace seems futile and oxymoronic at times and part of me wishes, with all political/religious affiliations aside, that America would just sit on the side line, route for their team, and let the fighters battle it out until someone stands victorious. Unfortunately the real world isn’t a boxing match and the casualties of war, ie the civilians, don’t deserve to be considered collateral damage. On the other hand, it’s not like the US has never over-reacted before either, so maybe we do have something constructive to say about needless conflict. 5 years+ in Iraq can’t be blamed for overshadowing 50 years of Israeli/Palestinian fighting but it still looks somewhat hypocritical.

  2. Spirt,
    My alternatives are:

    Continued development of C-RAM and other aspects of the Iron Dome.

    An aggressive teamwork with Fatah which would help strengthen the organization’s credibility in Palestine, and more specifically Gaza.

    Focusing on eliminating one of the main causes of terrorism in Palestine, poverty and hunger.

    Linear incentives that change the decision making calculus of not only Hamas, but Palestinian people in general.

    And all that’s just off the top of my head.

  3. All of your alternatives are very good and all could be accomplished to some degree of success in the short term by Israel if they focus on them.

    I must confess I do not know much of the first one you mentioned, but the other three would empower many people in the region on both sides of this conflict to work together.

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