Watchmen Movie in Danger: Judge Gives Fox Execs Blockbuster Movie for Christmas

For those of you not following along, Warner Brothers and Fox studios have been arguing over who owns the distribution rights to Watchmen. Because Fox hasn’t made a good movie in years, they’ve decided to piggyback on another studio’s movie.

And with a surprise Christmas ruling, District Judge Gary Feess ruled that 20th Century Fox owns at least partial copyright to Warner Brothers’ movie Watchmen.

Thanks a-fucking-lot douchebags.

So what does that mean for everyone eagerly awaiting the March 9th release date of Alan Moore’s classic?

1. The executives at 20th Century Fox
can eat several dicks.

2. Watchmen’s release date is up in the air, completely unresolved and the movie is in serious danger of being shit canned. Despite already being, you know…made and what not.

I won’t bore you with the messy legal details that I personally find oh so interesting, but like most people with common sense, my opinion can be summed up like this: If you believe some one is about to violate your “rights”, and I use the term loosely here as I believe most of this is just contractual bullshit, then you should say something beforehand.

Case in point. If you’re 20th century Fox why did you wait until the movie was completely finished before bringing this case to suit?

Why didn’t you bring suit when they hired Terry Gilliam to direct eight years ago? Or when they hired David Hayter six years ago to replace Gilliam? Or when Arnofosky replaced Hayter four years ago? Or When Paul Greengrass was hired two years ago? Or When Zack Snyder was hired?

My point is, the development of this movie wasn’t a secret. It didn’t happen over night. A Watchmen film has been in various stages of development for nearly a decade and at any point you could’ve chimed in and said “HEY”, but you didn’t. So stop being assholes just because X3 sucked and move over so other people can make real movies.


One thought on “Watchmen Movie in Danger: Judge Gives Fox Execs Blockbuster Movie for Christmas

  1. 1. The post on was hilarious.
    2. If you have a new email address send me a message.
    3. I’m almost willing to send Warner Bros the $10 for the movie and then when/if it actually does get released I’m going to theatre hop to see it just so Fox doesn’t get my money. Hahahaha
    4. If Warner Bros gets boned on this deal, they should leak it onto the net.

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