Tucker Max Fucks Midgets Like R Kelly Pees on Underage Girls

If there’s one thing this blog is missing its humorous stories about having sex with midgets. Sadly, and I say this with much embarassment, I have no stories of my own to share with you guys and gals. Thankfully, there are other assholes like Tucker Max who have hi-larious stories about fucking midgets little people that they’re
willing to share

Here’s one of my favorite parts:

You see, I have fucked an amputee and a set of twins. If you add in a midget, you are looking at a legendary trifecta. How many other people can say they’ve done that?

Seriously, raise your hand if you even know someone who’s done that. Yeah, some of you have fucked midgets. Some of you have fucked amputees. Some have even fucked a set of twins. But how many can honestly say you have done all three categories?

I’m not going to say that I’m the only guy on earth who has done this, but I would bet you could fit all of us into a Prius.

Don’t hate. Appreciate.


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