My Thoughts: Caroline Kennedy

1. The more Caroline Kennedy campaigns for Gov Patterson’s senate appointment, IE the more she acts like a typical politician, the more I dislike the idea of her becoming the next Senator from New York.

2. People running for office should have some relevant experience, preferably political experience. Endorsing the “cool choice” for President doesn’t count. Writing books, also doesn’t count.

3. Govenor Patterson should appoint me to fill Hillary’s open senate seat. I have far more political experience than Caroline. I’ve been involved with and won more political campaigns than Caroline, as a staffer, and I also have a built in constituency. (African Americans.) Plus, as we all learned from this year’s election, if you don’t vote for the black guy you’re a racist. Just kidding…mostly.

4. A Follow up to #3. Two words: Race Card…never leave home without it.

5. Obama supporters calling for the Kennedy appointment should be forced to wear T-shirts that say ” I voted against Hillary during the primary ELECTION because of the faint possibility of a dynasty. However, I fully support expanding the Kennedy Dynasty, one of the biggest and most aristrocratic dynasties in American history, by APPOINTING Caroline Kennedy as senator of New York.”

6. Its bad enough when people are appointed to high ranking positions because they’re rich and famous. But its even worse when they were given that rich and fame.

7. Caroline works with disadvantaged poor children who are born into this world with a huge disadvantage socially, economically, and politically. Appointing Caroline would send them a great message that money, power, and family connections are irrelevant. The odds aren’t stacked against you. As long as you’re determined and work hard you can be anything you want…except a US Senator of course.

8. There’s definetely some truth to the statement Caroline Kennedy < Sarah Palin.

9. Andrew Cuomo = name recognition + political experience.

10. If we want name recognition, money, and celebrity appoint Bill Gates. He has experience with important political issues (education, technology, poverty, international human rights) , he’s taken an active and aggressive hands on approach to helping those in need, and his knowledge of tech issues would be a huge benefit to the American technology sector. Plus, I’m sure he has a house somewhere in New York.

One thought on “My Thoughts: Caroline Kennedy

  1. Why not Donald Trump? With the current economic crisis, I’m sure someone who’s gone bankrupt and shot his credit to shit on multiple occasions might have a few pointers on how to fix the problem, or at least how to fake it. Reality TV everyone. All we have to do is put the economy on a reality TV show and it’ll turn this whole crisis around. Maybe we can put Bush and Cheney on there too along with I don’t know, foreign policy, education, health care, and Afghanistan. I’m not saying there aren’t people to blame for the current problems but turn off Flavor of Love and I’d say turn it over to CNN, foxnews, etc but I’m tired of hearing everyone repackage it and then give me their best Chris Matthews impersonation on how they would do it differently. No clue where this rant is going now but turn of the TV people and go do something useful so I can have some peace and quiet while I finish watching season 2 of The Wire.

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