The IM Conversations You Wish You Had

Phil: You just made my blog
Christina:: oh jesus
Phil: No. Just Chairman
Phil: but I’m cool with role playing…Mary Magdalene 😉
Christina: oh is that so?
Phil: Yup. But we should contemporize it a little. Instead of washing my feet with your hair you should wash my face with your boobs
Phil: And instead of pinning me to the cross you can tie me to the bed
Christina: lol
Phil: And instead of nailing me with a hammer you can nail me with…well you get the point.


Christina : I’m tired
Christina: This weed makes me sleepy, lol
Phil: Oh. I didn’t know you got high without me being there to take advantage of you
Phil: bitch


Joelle: I don’t think we even get disney on our cable package.
Phil: I’m pretty sure the quickest way to get you drunk is to play a game of “Never, never, have I ever”
Joelle: haha
Phil: That was random but it was so brilliant I felt the need to share it with you.
Joelle: haha
Phil: hold on. I need to blog this. This deserves to be shared with the world.




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