Awesome Phil Fact #1 – Kid’s Say The Darnest Things

(Everyday beautiful women come up to me and go “Phil, how did you ever become so awesome?” To which I casually reply “Baby, I’ve always been hardcore.”. As much as it probably blows your mind, I’ve always been pretty badass. Don’t believe it? Well to prove my point I’m starting a series on my blog called “Awesome Phil facts” which document awesome facts about my past.)

Awesome Phil Fact #1:

This is a story my mom told me once. When I was five me and my mom were getting on the bus when an old lady with lots of makeup came up to us and said “My, that’s a cute little boy you have there.” to which I replied “Mommy, mommy! Look, its a CLOWN !!”

True story.

Yeah, I was THAT kid.


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