Janet Napolitano Tapped to Head Homeland Security

CNN reports, and Politico confirms that Obama has tapped Arizona GovneorJanet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security. There’s still, however is a chance she winds up in another cabinent position.

The conventional wisdom behind this pick is that Napolitano is the govenor of a border state and HS is in charge of immigration matters. This of course in addition to Napolitano’s experience as a law enforcement agent as Attorney General of Arizona.

I have mixed feelings on this one. Mostly because I’m reluctant to hand over the Gov Mansion of Arizona to a Republican, especially in what should still be considered a conservative state. I also would have prefered Napolitano stayed in Arizona and run against McCain in 2010, a move unlikely now. I suppose this appointment also offically kills my last ditch hope that McCain would be tapped for to head the Deptartment of Veteran Affairs. (It was never likely but a boy can dream can’t he?)


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