Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton ?

Andrea Mitchell reports that according to two Obama advisors Hillary Clinton is being considered for Secretary of State. Apparently Clinton was in Chicago today taking care of “personal matters”.


But does anyone else think its ironic that Obama, who’s main criticism of Clinton was her foreign policy experience, is considering her for the Secretarty of State position?

But still, I can’t help but wonder if this is the Obama camp intentionally leaking this rumor as a political manuever to unite the party. There are after numerous Clinton supporters, both inside and outside the Beltway who expect Obama to throw Clinton a bone because of her historic effort to help Obama win after defeating her in the Democratic primary.

Afterall, I doubt the Obama camp, who was leak proof during the campaign, leaked this story for no reason.

But of course that’s the skeptic in me…

Clinton would obviously be an amazing choice for SoS, but would she want it? I’m honestly not sure. I think it would depend on where she wants her political future to take her. Ideally I’d prefer her to become Senate Majority leader, but I get the feeling that Reid is going to stay awhile longer. Don’t rule out a potential run for Govneor of NY in 2010, which would not preclude her from becoming SoS.

All in all I like what I’m hearing from Obama’s transtition team.


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