Obama to Radio: Fuck That Noise

One of the ideas the Obama adminstration is kicking around is replacing the President’s weekly radio address with a

weekly “Youtube” address.

Good. I’m 23, actively follow politics and current events and I’ve never once in my life heard a presidents radio address, nor do I know anyone that has. Welcome to the 21st century people. Who listens to the radio anymore anyways?

If they were smart they’d put the weekly addresses on itunes too so people can upload it as a podcast.

That’s a free one Obama. The next one’ll cost you.


3 thoughts on “Obama to Radio: Fuck That Noise

  1. That would be cool. I hadn’t heard that he was thinking about that. I only listen to the radio in the car, and that’s rare. No one sits around the house huddled around the radio anymore. I hope Obama turns to the Internet as the new medium. He has used the Internet extensively his whole campaign. Why not while in office?

  2. Just an fyi, but they already do upload the weekly radio address as a podcast. They also have white house press briefings on there too.

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