Dean Out As DNC Chair

Howard Dean will be resigning as chairman of the DNC.

Its standard custom for an incoming President to choose the head of their party, but I’m still surprised that Obama is asking Dean to step down.

Dean has a dearth of support from the netroots, which was critical in helping Obama win the democratic nomination.

This move along with the appointment of Rahm Emmanuel as Obama chief of staff represents two major snubs to the netroots community. (There’s a history of bad blood between Rahm and the netroots)

Of course, most of people in the netroots’ are A) Just happy to have a Democrat in the White House and B) happy to put blinders on and use selective memory when it comes to people they like. ( Can you imagine the uproar if a President-elect Clinton had made these two moves?)

Supposedly Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO-D) and Steve Hillenbrand, Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager are being considered for the open position.

I think the more interesting question is what’s next for Howard Dean? Where does one go after being a prominent head of the Party? Director of Health and Human services maybe?


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