You Really Want This Woman To Be President?

I know what I’m thankful for this year. Sarah Palin, the gift that just keeps giving.


Its Official: Arrested Development The Movie

Again, this fails into the category of “Entries I write for you not me”. To be honest I’ve only watched half an episode once. But still, I’m all for tv shows finding life after Fox cancellation. (YOU BASTARDS! I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR CANCELLING FIREFLY!!!!!!)

Anyways, congrats to fans of the show.

Janet Napolitano Tapped to Head Homeland Security

CNN reports, and Politico confirms that Obama has tapped Arizona GovneorJanet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security. There’s still, however is a chance she winds up in another cabinent position.

The conventional wisdom behind this pick is that Napolitano is the govenor of a border state and HS is in charge of immigration matters. This of course in addition to Napolitano’s experience as a law enforcement agent as Attorney General of Arizona.

I have mixed feelings on this one. Mostly because I’m reluctant to hand over the Gov Mansion of Arizona to a Republican, especially in what should still be considered a conservative state. I also would have prefered Napolitano stayed in Arizona and run against McCain in 2010, a move unlikely now. I suppose this appointment also offically kills my last ditch hope that McCain would be tapped for to head the Deptartment of Veteran Affairs. (It was never likely but a boy can dream can’t he?)

How The Democrats Will Get to 60 in the Senate

More free advice for the Obama camp…

With Democrats currently sitting at 58 Senators in the Senate, with two seats undecided, there’s still a good chance they could reach 60 seats.

But after survey the lay of the land, I think its highly likely Democrats WILL in fact reach 60 seats, minus a political blunder.

There’s a good chance both Al Franken and Jim Martin could win their respective recount in Minnesota and the runoff in Georgia.

Only 200 or so votes seperate Franken from incumbent Norm Coleman. One school of thought argues that recounts generaly help Democrats because areas which ballots are typical discounted tend to come from poorer inner city and minority areas, traditionally a democratic strong hold.

In Georgia, one would think that with the full Democratic apparatus and Obama’s coattails behind him, Jim Martin would be able to overcome incumbent Senator Chambliss.

Out of those two seats, I have to believe that Democrats will pick up at least one. (I lean toward Georgia.) This would leave Senate Democrats at 59.

Game over? Not quite. While Obama has done a great job reasserting the Clinton power structure in Washington, there’s been one area he’s been lacking in. Appointing standing Republican office holders to adminstration positions.

All it would take is one Republican Senator from a state with a Democratic Govenor, to tilt the scale to a 60 seat, Democratic majority. This would also fufill Obama’s promise to appoint a Republican to his adminstration.

Here’s a list of possible picks:

George Voinovich- OH
Jim Bunning – KY
Mike Enzi- WY
Olympia Snowe- ME
Jon Kyl- AZ
John McCain – AZ
Judd Gregg – NH
Kit Bond – M.O.
Arlen Specter- PA
Sam Brownback- KS
Pat Roberts- KS

I tried to omit Senators who were up for re-election in 2008. Now obviously some of those picks have no chance in hell, Sam Brownback, but there are some good possibilities.

I’d think that the top of the list would look something like Snowe, Gregg, Voinovich. All three have spent a good amount of time in the Senate, but are never going to take significant leadership positions in the Republican party, IE they’re not far right enough. But even more important, all three stand a good chance of losing in their next election due to the demographics of their state. I especially like the idea of Olympia Snowe in an Obama adminstration. She’s a well respected moderate, who is hardly a partisian. Even better, she comes from a state where Democrats would have a good chance to keep the seat blue for a very long time.

Snowe would also appease women groups who are going to start complaining pretty loudly if Obama doesn’t start appointing more women to his adminstration, with or without Clinton as SoS.

Daschle for Health and Human Services; Holder as Attorney General

MSNBC reports that Tom Daschle is being tapped as the for Chairman of Health and Human Services Committee.

Nothing surprising here. Obama has long had ties with Tom Daschle. Daschle leant Obama many of his top staffers for his Senate office, including Obama’s Chief of Staff, and was an early supporter and promoter. In fact, out of every significant political player, Daschle has been Obama’s top advisor and mentor.

Health Care has always been Tom Daschle’s top issue so the two picks fit.

News also broke last night that Obama has offered Eric Holder the Attorney General position, and Holder has accepted. Holder would be the first African American Attorney General. (And likely the next Supreme Court Justice, unless the retiring Justice is a woman.)

While Holder is well liked and respected, there’s some issue regarding his role in the Marc Rich pardon.

But I agree with the analysis from Politico that says that Hillary Clinton’s potential SoS nomination might provide cover for any lingering doubts about Holder. Despite the significant difference between the SoS and AG, it would be pretty hard for the Senate to make a huge fuss over Holder’s role in the Rich pardon, but let Clinton go scott free. And before you say anything, there’s zero chance that Clinton’s nominee would be rejected.

I doubt Holder will have any problems getting confirmed, since he’s gone on the record several times apologizing for his “lack of judgement” on the matter.

The interesting thing about Holder as attorney general is that some have speculated that it pretty much gurantees a Clinton SoS. The logic is that since Obama passed on Janet Napolitano, the Govenor of Arizona, for AG Obama will feel pressured to pick another high profile woman for a cabinet position.

Though at this point, the locomotive that is the Clinton for SoS can only be stopped by Hillary herself.