Live Blogging the Debate II: Obama Rama

No Town Hall = I’m a bastard

6:26: What does not having a town hall have to do with being an asshole?

McCain finds his Groove ?

6:28: Too little too late. McCain was on a pretty good rift about Obama breaking his word to the American people about things like Public financing as well as Obama failing to repudiate John Lewis’ attacks on McCain.

This is something McCain should’ve done a long time ago. Making a voter question a candidate’s word, and integrity, plays well with independents and male voters, as witnessed by CNN’s focus poll lines. At the beginning of this campaign John McCain’s integrity was as good as gold politically. Issues aside, a lot of people vote based on character. And bottomline Obama has gone back on several pledges he’s made ie Campaign Finance reform.

This Ayers Attack is Weak Sauce

6:39: If the ultimate point about William Ayers is “we need to find out more” that’s a very unpersuasive argument. For right or wrong, I think a lot of voters are willing to listen to the Ayers attack but they’re too smart to buy the McCain campaign’s BS on this.

Why do we always have to spend more?

6:46 Because you can’t help people by doing nothing

Obama: You Should Vote for My Health Care Plan Because…

6:57: Its just like Hillary Clinton’s now.

The Bottomline on Health Care:

7:01: McCain’s plan increases taxes on businesses. End of story.

Zing! on Education:

7:19: They’re going to have a mortgage before they even buy a house

… Nice

My Party Sucks so Vote for Me!

7:28: Shouldn’t the fact that a central part of your message is “I go against my party” worry voters? You might claim to be a maverick but 9 out of 10 times a President teams with his party. If the Republican party has led us astray so often isn’t that also an indite the Republican candidate?

The Best Political Team on Television?

7:37 Does anyone think its funny that CNN calls its team the best Political Team on Television when its actually the worst? (Chris Matthews aside)


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