Live Blogging the Debate I: Can McCain Catch Up?

More Boring Moderators

6:02: Bob Scheffer. *Yawn* I’m so tired of these “neutral” ie BORING debate moderators.

Jesus Christ McCain

6:03: FANNIE MAE AND FREDDY MAC DID NOT CAUSE THE HOUSING CRISIS. Jesus. This is basic economic knowledge. Fannie and Freddy buy up Mortgages. They don’t give out predatory loans. God man.

BTW Obama owned a rambling John McCain on whose’s mortgage plan is better. McCain didn’t even anwser a question which was essentially “why is your plan good?”


6:08: Eight minutes into the debate and I haven’t understood a word John McCain has said.

A good line in an avalanche of incoherence

6:12 John McCain finally stumbled into a good line (from a Conservative point of view) “Why would you want to raise taxes on anyone right now?”

Obama is hitting a couple of good points in his rebuttal but he’s losing the framing on taxes, again. The issue isn’t raising taxes, the issue is making people pay their fair share. This isn’t about Joe the plumber its about the Paris Hilton’s of the world and the CEO’s who get out of paying taxes. We have to remove the burden from the middle class. Like Clinton said “people in pickup trucks shouldn’t have to pay for tax cuts recieved by people in limousines.”

McCain: “I’m not President Bush”

6:21: I just vote like him.


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