Live Blogging: McCain vs Obama I

Bailing out the Middle Class

6:05 Obama off to a good start with his line that “The middle class need a bailout now”. On CNN that polled through the roof with the focus group

Saving Mortgages

6:08 McCain made a HUGE innovative suggestion just now. He advocated the govt buying up the bad mortgages and renegotiating them at their lower rates, allowing people to stay in their homes. Very impressive idea. (Though I’d love to hear how McCain is going to pay for it)


6:27 McCain actually gave the right anwser about priorites. Problems like Health Care and Entitlement spending are interdependent. IE the biggest entitlement spending, and the biggest part of our budget, medicare spending. In fact we HAVE TO work on these problems at the same time in order to solve them.

Also, good line by McCain when he said “I’m not going to tell the person without health care to wait till…”

But what about Jack?!?!

6:45 BitchSteele chimes in “if we have safe nuclear plants, where will 24 get its plot lines?”

Impact Turn: Health Care

6:52: Obama says that McCain’s health care plan will lead to the unraveling of the employer based health care system. TURN: employer based health care is horrible both in terms of coverage, quality, cost to workers and cost to employers.

WTF Tom Brokaw?

6:56 Good question (Is Health Care a right, privledge, or responsibility?) How is health care a responsibility in any sense of the way? That logistically doesn’t make sense. Way to give McCain an out


6:58 Oh Barack Obama, quite the liar. During the primary you’re opposed to Mandates but during the general election you’re for them. If McCain were smart he’d use Obama’s own anti-mandate arguments against him

And btw, McCain is right, how much is this fine Obama?


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