Obama Youth: Fraternity or Cult?

This is scary…

I can’t think of many things more foolish and amoral than politician worship. During the primary Obama was more than eager to sacrifice his integrity when it suited him politically. Whether it was lying about accepting money from lobbyists, using negative ads taken directly from right wing attack ads, or claiming that he would accept campaign finance reform and then turning his back on that pledge when it suited him politically. At best, Obama is “worthy” of worship because of his empty rhetoric which offers little in terms of solutions to America’s problems. I’ve seen rap lyrics about Star Wars with more substance than Obama speeches.

Whoever organized this should be ashamed of themselves. I’m willing to bet these kids know little to nothing about Obama, aside from their memorized talking points.

I wonder when we’ll see clips from this spliced in negative ad in Ohio and PA?


2 thoughts on “Obama Youth: Fraternity or Cult?

  1. While I cannot personlly attest to Mr. Obama’s deepedt thoughts and deepest held ideals, he is, based on what I learned in History class and the public personna of the man, I find him to be much, much more like Jefferson and Payne, much, much more like Nathan Hale or Paul Reveer tham ANY, repeat A-N-Y Republican I’ve seen since Eisenhower. Ike was the LAST AMERICAN Republican. Ike was the LAST patriotic Republican. Ike was the L-A-S-T Republican to put COUNTRY above A-L-L else, above A-N-Y AND A-L-L self-interests. America was always first with IKE. Sadly, there have been none like him since, not Democrat, and CERTAINLY NOT Republican. The mark of a man is not what he says but what he DOES, not by how he talks but in the WAY he walks, in the path he follows, in the way in which he leads.

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