Live Blogging the Vice President Debate

Predatory Lendors Are At Fault?
6:12 PM: Since when? Not according to any Republicans you talk to. If you really believe that a McCain/Palin ticket is going to increase oversight on anything, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you

6:26 PM: Isn’t it funny how John McCain is claiming that Obama supports tax increases when:

1. Palin raised taxes a Govenor of Wasilla to fund her sports complex
2. Alan Greenspan says that we can’t afford McCain’s tax cutes
3. McCain’s health care plan is a HUGE tax increase on employers. HUGE.


Biden: “McCain’s health care redistribution to insurance companies tax is the ultimate bridge to nowhere”

Global Warming

6:32 PM : Did Palin just deny the existence of global warming? Yes, yes she did.

Slate on Rape Kits:

Palin says that Obama called drilling raping the environment. Does she support paying for rape kits for the wilderness?


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