Live Blogging the Vice President Debate: Part II

Too Defensive?
6:52 PM: Biden is doing fine, but he’s being entirely too defensive. Its not for lack of ammo, he has some facts and stats, but every response he has is frame in a defensive light. He needs to go after Palin/McCain more aggressively.

Re: Bush Administration

6:56 PM: Good answer from Biden about talking about the Bush administration. Future soundbite to use : “We’ll stop talking about the failures of the Bush administration, when you stop repeating them.”

Palin on the role of the VP:

7:17 PM : “Vote for me because the Vice Presidency has authority”
… you sure you wanna go down that road Sarah?

Biden Burn

7:17 PM : “Dick Cheney is the worst vice president in the history of American politics”


7:29 PM: Nothing says Bipartisanship like attacking your opponent. Smooth.


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