Does John McCain Know Where Spain Is?

Apparently he does not:

The question about Zapatero, clearly framed by the reporter as a question about Spain, came after inquiries on Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba. As a result, much of the Spanish press has decided that the Republican candidate, who hails himself as the experienced foreign policy choice in this election, confused Spain – a NATO member and key ally in the fight against terrorism – with one of those troublesome Latin American states. That was certainly the interviewer’s impression, for she followed up with a gentle reminder that Spain was a country in Europe. As Spanish newspaper El PaÍs put it, “In the best-case scenario, [his answer] demonstrates his ignorance with respect to Zapatero.”

Now to be fair, McCain’s campaign says they were just refusing to meet with the leader of our important NATO ally.

Ouch. Once again McCain campaign, that’s really the best you got? The “We agree with Bush” strategy? The “I know where they are, I just don’t like them, so I’m going to continue the Bush administration’s foreign policy of poor relations!”

Smooth, very smooth.

NOTE: You can listen to the interview here. Its in English.


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