Thank You Phil Gramm For Collapsing The Economy

Don’t like your economy falling apart ? Me neither. Lets all thank former Senator Phil Gramm.

1. Primary author of Energy Deregulation bill which caused rolling blackouts, sky rocketing energy costs, and Enron fiasco- CHECK

2. Primary author of Banking Deregulation bill which caused the inevitable collapse of the banking industry we see today- CHECK

3. As a lobbyist, lobbied against current and proposed state and federal laws to stop predatory lending practices that are leading to the crisis going on right now- CHECK

3. Says that the aforementioned problems caused by 1,2,3 are all in your head and we should stop whining- CHECK

And this is the man John McCain wants to entrust with America’s economy?

NOTE: Here’s a fun fact on Phil Gramm:

Gramm has no interest in social conservatism. He tried to invest in a soft-core porn movie in the early ’70s


One thought on “Thank You Phil Gramm For Collapsing The Economy

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