Apparently John McCain Doesn’t Know What An Earmark Is

Senile or lying? You decide.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Friday running mate Sarah Palin has never asked for money for lawmakers’ pet projects as Alaska governor when in fact she has sought nearly $200 million in earmarks this year.

When pressed about Palin’s record of requesting and accepting such money for Alaska, McCain ignored the record and said: “Not as governor she didn’t.”

Not only has Palin requested earmarks throughout her career, as governor she requested THE MOST earmarks of any governor in the United States. $197 million this year and $256 million last year.

Of course this doesn’t include the millions in dollars in earmarks Palin acquired as mayor of Wasilla after she hired a lobbyist for the city. Or the millions in earmarks Palin accepted as Governor of Alaska from indited Senator Ted Stevens and soon to be indited Congressman Don Young.


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