24: Day 7 Trailer

I don’t know what it is, but the whole idea of cyber terrorism just never did it for me. The whole, “THE TERRORISTS ARE GOING TO TAKEOVER OUR TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!!!” just seems kind of lame. But I have faith in the creative cast of 24 to elevate the terror threat to crazy new levels. I like the direction this trailer shows the show going with CTU being shut down and Jack testifying before the Senate. (I assume the two are linked?)

And Tony’s back as a bad guy with a shaved head…i like it. Now if the creative cast REALLY wanted to kick it up a notch they’d cast CHUCK NORRIS as the bad guy.


3 thoughts on “24: Day 7 Trailer

  1. You’re both wrong. The only thing worse than CGI and Live Free or Die Hard is constant terrible CGI screen and action and teriible acting seen in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Oh yeah, there was one more flaw with that piece of crap: THEY DON’T MUMMIFY THEIR DEAD IN CHINA!!! Next time get Lara Croft her job and Brendan Fraser can go back to doing crappy childrens movies.

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