McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate!!


Apparently McCain IS that smart. This is a very problematic pick for Barack Obama. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that Sarah Palin is amazingly personable, well spoken, and welll…hot!
But seriously, she’s an evangelical who will guarantee McCain wins the state of Alaska AND wow…this is definitely going to steal democratic voters who are disenchanted with Obama and not a fan of McCain. Palin provides the wildcard to persuade voters that “its alright you’re voting for McCain because you’re also voting for me.”

But most importantly the women voters who are pissed at Obama have another viable alternative. (for voting for a woman candidate).

One of the bigger problems I suspect this might bring up, is the effect on downticket races, particularly in Alaska. Mark Begich’s tough contest versus Mark Begich just got a hole lot harder.

5 thoughts on “McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate!!

  1. Um, she might be hot, but last time I checked that wasn’t necessary a qualification for public office.

    With McCain being old do you really want the next in line to only have 1.5 years on the job as governor of Alaska to be president? Ms. Alaska doesn’t exactly help you figure out how to talk Russia out of destroying Georgia or the Iran out of enriching uranium and selling it on eBay.

  2. Tek

    Being hot is as much of a qualification for public office as giving pretty speeches is. Neither of them should be qualifications but both qualities are aesthetics that people will vote for.

    (Though if forced to choose, I’d vote for an inspirational speech over a pretty face anyday.)

    But more than anything, the Palin pick is a giant softball to the media. Her selection is going to generate a crap ton of earned media (free press) for the McCain campaign, as the press no doubt spends countless stories telling us how “pretty” or “nice” Palin is.

    However, I think the 1.5 years as govenor argument is a losing one for Democrats. Palin has more executive experience than any of the other three on the ticket. And more importantly, Palin’s 1.5 years as Govenor is barely less than Obama’s 2 years as Senator.

  3. Tek

    I don’t have a problem with good public speaking. I have a problem with pretty rhetoric replacing constructive fact based arguments. There’s a time for rhetoric and a time for facts. I expect both out of public officials especially the President

    But once again you’re missing the overall point. How people SHOULD vote and how people ACTUALLY vote are two different discussions. You’re telling me how the way the world should work and I’m explain how it does work.

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