Obama-Biden 08

So I guess I should probably write my obligatory Joe Biden is Obama’s VP pick blog entry. I have so much to say about this I don’t know where to start. But regardless of the specific point it all comes back to this:

Joe Biden huh? Well thats uninspiring…

Don’t get me wrong. I really like Joe Biden. He’s a pompous, a blowhard, a straight shooter, and he’s down to earth. ( In the Irish-Catholic sense.) Basically he’s an ass. And I’m an ass, so I have to give him some love.

But as VP? Hmm no thanks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’ t think this is a reason to vote against Obama, but it further deflates my opinion of Obama and his bullshit change politics. Barack Obama doesn’t want change he wants to be president, just like every other politician. Regardless of anyone’s politics I think we can all agree that Joe Biden most definetely does not represent “new” politics. (But thats another post.)

If Obama truly wanted to bring change to Washington he would have selected an outside the beltway pol like Tim Kaine or Kathleen Sebelius. But he didn’t. He choose a Senator which has been in the Washington for 30 years. He’s practically grown up there. (He won his seat when he was 30)

See I like experience. Most Americans like experience. But up until this point experience= Washington insider= bad in Obama’s book. It’s funny how quickly opinions can change when the polls are close.

Look, Barack Obama is a good democrat. And I’m glad to have him in the senate, but every fucking Obamaniac who has been delluding themselves into thinking he’s any different that any other politician has conclusively been proven wrong.

Still President McCain…*shudders*


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