Halperin: McCain-Romney 08

Apparently his source is two GOP officials . Guess McCain’s going after that pro choice vote after all.

I actually think this is a decent choice for McBush. He sures up his weakness on the economy lets be honest, Mitt Romney is a fake politician stuffed Ken doll. The perfect kind of person for the McCain campaign to tool around. Romney also brings a lot of his own money and the money/support of a tight knit and powerful cadre of politically active Mormons.

Plus, if there’s one thing Romney is good at its switching positions creating soundbites.

But of course, Mitt Romney is a chronic liar who couldn’t keep a stable stance on an issue to save his book of Mormons.


4 thoughts on “Halperin: McCain-Romney 08

  1. More liberal blather. And you guys think Obama is a saint? Talk about LYING!!! Or how about all those great ANTI AMERICAN MAXIST friends of his? Blowing up police stations, hating white people. Oh yea NOBAMA is JUST was this FINE NATION.. DOESNT NEED!!! Liberals.. you can HAVE THEM.

    MCCAIN, ROMNEY 08!!!!!

  2. Gizmonic65

    Have you ever even fucking read my blog before? If you had you would know I of all democrats clearly do not view Obama as a saint. I don’t even consider him an inspiring public speaker.

    But more importantly. In 150 words you failed to make a single goddamn point. In fact you failed to even create half a thought.

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