What Are The Pundits Saying About The Palin Pick?

What are the pundits saying about the Palin pick?

* Charles Krauthammer: “The Palin selection completely undercuts the argument about Obama’s inexperience and readiness to lead…. To gratuitously undercut the remarkably successful ‘Is he ready to lead’ line of attack seems near suicidal.”

* Noah Millman, presenting a defense for Palin: “I realize, of course, that she’s totally unqualified to be President at this point in time. If McCain were to die in February 2009, I hope Palin would have the good sense to appoint someone who is more ready to be President to be her Vice President, on the understanding that she would then resign and be appointed Vice President by her successor.”

* Ramesh Ponnuru called it “tokenism,” adding, “Can anyone say with a straight face that Palin would have gotten picked if she were a man?”

* David Frum: “The longer I think about it, the less well this selection sits with me. And I increasingly doubt that it will prove good politics. The Palin choice looks cynical…. It’s a wild gamble, undertaken by our oldest ever first-time candidate for president in hopes of changing the board of this election campaign. Maybe it will work. But maybe (and at least as likely) it will reinforce a theme that I’d be pounding home if I were the Obama campaign: that it’s John McCain for all his white hair who represents the risky choice, while it is Barack Obama who offers cautious, steady, predictable governance…. If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?”

* An email to National Review: “As much as I loathe Obama-Biden, I can’t in good conscience vote for a McCain-Palin ticket. Palin has absolutely no experience in foreign affairs. Considering both McCain’s advanced age and the state of the world today, it is essential that the veep be exceedingly qualified to assume the office of president. I simply don’t have any confidence in Palin’s ability to deal effectively with Iran, Russia, China, etc.”

* Mark Halperin: “On the face of it, McCain has failed the ultimate test that any presidential candidate must face in picking a running mate: selecting someone who is unambiguously qualified to be president.”

Marc Ambinder A few I spoke with or e-mailed were optimistic, using phrases like “brilliant” and “game-changing.” One GOP strategist who has worked with Palin says she’s coated with Teflon — “attack at your peril.” She “renews McCain’s maverick credentials.” One person close to Romney said she “looks like a real reformer. She’s done what Obama’s talked about.”

A few are cautiously optimistic that it’ll turn out OK, but most of the strategists and consultants I’ve spoken to, e-mailed with, or read/watched are struggling with it. ck.

Conservative activists, almost to the man and woman, LOVE the pick.


Don’t Underestimate the Palin Pick

From my reading around the blogosphere, it seems like a lot of democrats are jumping for joy over John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin. Lets not let our politics blind us to the way the political world works.

First, lets point out that the conventional theory behind a VP pick is to “balance the ticket”. Or in simpler terms, the VP candidate’s job is to cover up for a weakness of the President.

Obama picks Biden to cover up for his “inexperience”
Obama picks Biden to cover up for his “lack of foreign policy” expertise.
Obama picks Biden to cover up for his “lack of Washington knowledge”

Now, I’m not saying I subscribe to any of these perceptual arguments, but these are obviously the theme’s being floated around in this year’s election.

Now chances are, anytime that you pick a VP to balance you’re ticket there’s going to be some conflict in message. Biden is a symbol of the establishment and Obama is a symbol of change. But because of the weird alternate reality rules of politics that’s okay for most people. (Granted I think it’s more problematic for Obama but thats another post.)

So when we look at McCain’s selection of Palin you have to examine the wisdom in selecting her through the lens of what she brings to the table to “balance” McCain

Youthfulness? -CHECK
Anti-Washington credibility- CHECK
Appeal to non traditional voters- CHECK
Personality- CHECK
Personability- CHECK
Easy to look at- CHECK
Bonafide evangelical street cred – CHECK

Now once again, I’m not advocating that people vote for a politician based on how “nice” or “pretty” they look but all bullshit aside, people do.

So when you examine the Palin pick I think its an incredibly smart pick for McCain. Not only does she balance his ticket extremely well, but she does a lot of other things such as:

1. Makes a play for women voters– Puts a decent chunk of the women’s vote up for play. I doubt most of them will vote McCain, especially since Palin is anti-choice, but if 10 to 15% of the women do vote for McCain it could be a big boost. But regardless of the outcome, the Obama camp will be forced to spend even more time and resources on a demographic they should have had locked up.

2. Creates a Media buzz- McCain is already getting a lot of media buzz from the Palin pick. It’s shocking, provocative, its a “sexy” pick from a media perspective. With the shallowness of the press, I can already see the numerous tv segments, articles, etc about stupid irrelevant topics like Palin was Miss Alaska. Never, never, underestimate the poor quality of our media in this country

3. It neutralizes Joe Biden– Sure Biden is a great attack dog, but in Vice President debates, one of the main forums for VPs to attack, Biden runs the risk of looking like a bully to the charming, and female, Palin. Once again, its a silly double standard in our society, but after 8 years of the Bush administration, I don’t think any of us can claim that American voters are intelligent.

4. Electoral votes– It takes Alaska, which seemed as if it was in play for Obama, out of play and solidly in the red column.

Of course, McCain’s pick of Palin will by no means lean McCain to victory in November, my point is that its foolish to pretend that John McCain made a huge error in his selection of Governor Palin.

McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate!!


Apparently McCain IS that smart. This is a very problematic pick for Barack Obama. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that Sarah Palin is amazingly personable, well spoken, and welll…hot!
But seriously, she’s an evangelical who will guarantee McCain wins the state of Alaska AND wow…this is definitely going to steal democratic voters who are disenchanted with Obama and not a fan of McCain. Palin provides the wildcard to persuade voters that “its alright you’re voting for McCain because you’re also voting for me.”

But most importantly the women voters who are pissed at Obama have another viable alternative. (for voting for a woman candidate).

One of the bigger problems I suspect this might bring up, is the effect on downticket races, particularly in Alaska. Mark Begich’s tough contest versus Mark Begich just got a hole lot harder.

Now Isn’t This Some Shit?

So I waited till the last minute to buy my plane ticket, I’m a slacker I admit, and of course, prices had gone up quite a bit. (Do’h!)

Still undecided about where I’m heading I look at the price of tickets to Vegas and DC.

Price of a plane ticket to Vegas- $600
Price of a plane ticket to DC – $400- with a 3 hour layover IN VEGAS…WTF!?

…Guess I should just go fuck myself huh?

New McCain Ad: Obama Snubs Hillary for Telling the truth

Hmm thats ballsy. If McCain were smart, and he’s not, he would offer Hillary Clinton the VP spot. She would turn it down of course, as she rightfully should, but it would help hammer away this point and possibly tear away a few voters. And besides, it couldn’t hurt.

And Clinton’s response:

“Hillary Clinton’s support of Barack Obama is clear. She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction of the country, getting us out of Iraq, and expanding access to health care. John McCain doesn’t. It’s interesting how those remarks didn’t make it into his ad.”

Palin as McCain VP

Palin as VP? It’s such a good idea that i never have to worry about it happening.

A National Review reader explains the rationale:

I think Obama’s pick of Biden coupled with his decision not to vet Hillary has given McCain a huge and I MEAN HUGE opportunity to tip this election his way. If McCain chooses a woman, especially a pro-life, conservative, out of the beltway type for VP (Sarah Palin being the best of the bunch) he would energize the conservative base AND siphon off enough disgruntled Hillary voters to win this election. I think a Palin pick would nudge just a small enough percentage of disaffected, swing state, working class, soccer Mom-type Hillary supporters to tilt the playing field McCain’s way in Ohio, Michigan, Florida and maybe even Pennsylvania.

If McCain can nab 10-15 percent of Hillary’s primary voters (which seems within reach after Clinton’s down in the mouth body language today and Carville and Begala’s ‘she was never vetted’ bent out of whack public postures on CNN), he wins this thing comfortably.

He may very well still get to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with a Romney or a Pawlenty, but I think a bold choice like Palin would go for the jugular and win this election with some real conviction.

Besides, Palin has problems of her own right now.