Darren Aronofsky To Direct Robocop Sequel

Yes, Yes, Yes…

Before anyone complains that “this isn’t horror”, the first ROBOCOP was originally given an X-rating by the MPAA for scenes of “excessive violence.” It’s pretty damn bloody, and it’s pretty damn disgusting… good enough for me. Today we received word that MGM and Phoenix Pictures are close to pegging Darren Aronofsky to direct the latest “remake”, which we also discovered is actually a sequel! Here’s the logline: Present day Los Angeles, 20 years after the termination of the RoboCop program, the city decides to reinstate the program. If this all happens, I’d love to introduce Aronofsky to THE DARK KNIGHT, where he can see how to do it right…

I’m a huge Aronofsky fan so anytime he’s working on a new project I’m excited. (if you haven’t seen The Fountain you can just go fuck yourself.) I’m particularly interested to see what Aronofsky can do with 1. a huge Hollywood budget and 2. with a framed franchise like Robocop. Many people don’t know this, but Robocop is actually a political critique of the consumerism of the Reagan administration. I know! Watch it again and it’ll make sense to you. And yes it did originally receive an X rating from the MPAA.


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