A Uniter or a Divider? : Can Obama Keep Democrats From Blowing It

I guess a significant amount of people are still unhappy with the current Democratic nominee for president.

Sen. Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, faces dissent from dozens of top fund-raisers and other supporters of former rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, who are angry over how she was treated during their bruising primary battle and are hesitating to back Sen. Obama.

Some leading Clinton supporters are starting new Web sites or political action committees aimed at prodding Sen. Obama on issues or pressuring him to give Sen. Clinton a big role in the general-election campaign. People familiar with the matter say the effort involves dozens of the roughly 300 Clinton “Hillraisers,” individuals who raised at least $100,000 apiece for her campaign.

It seems every time you think the Democratic party has healed and united around Obama there’s talk about significant wings of the party still being unsatisfied. It’ll be interesting to see what the Obama campaign has planned to appease the angry Clinton voters. I wonder if another female as VP will quell their rage? I get the feeling it won’t be enough. Most Clinton supporters are die hard Clinton supporters who might even be insulted by the idea that another female candidate is supposed to make up for the blatant sexism and bias they believe occurred during the primary.

But it looks like Obama has other problems aside from the “Clinton Backlash”:

Recently, Sen. Obama has made a flurry of pronouncements signaling broader support for the death penalty and his backing for an expanded terrorism bill he once opposed. He has also made statements on the Iraq war that some interpreted as a softening of his promise for an immediate withdrawal of American troops. The new rhetoric seems calculated to push Sen. Obama to the political center, but he says it doesn’t represent any policy changes.

Even so, it is threatening his support among liberal Democrats, many of whom make up his small-donor base

“Many progressives were shocked” late last month “when Obama flip-flopped on wiretapping immunity,” Democrats.com President Bob Fertik said in an email to supporters. “We are absolutely not trying to hurt Obama — we’ll give him our money at some point. We’re just asking for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T like Aretha Franklin sang about.”

I get the feeling that a liberal backlash poses a greater threat to Obama than a Clinton backlash. However between millions of liberal voters and millions of women voters, there very well might be trouble come November. But still…President John McCain? Pretty hard to imagine


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