To the Convention!

So now the press tells candidates when to quit?

This article provides excellent historical context to challengers staying in the race and going to the convention. Its pretty clear there’s a big double standard going on in the 2008 campaign. Just goes to show what happens when biasness and bad journalism mix.

No longer content to be observers of the campaign, journalists now see themselves as active players in the unfolding drama, and they show no hesitation trying to dictate the basics of the contest, like who should run and who should quit. It’s as if journalists are auditioning for the role of the old party bosses.

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Donnie Darko Sequel?

Maybe so.

It will be called S. DARKO and follow Donnie Darko’s little sister (Daviegh Chase will come back to play Samantha Darko) who is now an 18 year old on a road trip with her best friend, headed for Los Angeles… of course she starts having visions and we get going all over again.

I’m indifferent to the idea of a sequel. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original. Don’t get me wrong, It had a lot of potential but Donnie Darko, along with Starship troopers, is the epitomy of a movie with a good concept that doesn;t follow through in the end.