Desperate Obama to Increase Negative Attacks

Yes politics of hope and change my ass

Unable once again to score a knockout, Sen. Barack Obama is likely to make his new negative tone even more negative — with a sharp eye on trying to end the Democratic presidential nomination fight after the May 6 primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s victory yesterday in Pennsylvania has only accentuated the quandary that Obama faces: Stay negative and he risks undermining the premise of his candidacy. Stay aloof and he underscores Clinton’s argument that he will not be able to beat a “Republican attack machine” sure to greet him this summer.

Obama himself took up the cudgel after Clinton delivered a victory speech in Philadelphia devoid of attack lines. Without naming Clinton, he suggested in Evansville, Ind., that she is a captive to the oil, pharmaceutical and insurance lobbies, that she “says and does whatever it takes to win the next election,” and that she exploits division for political gain

How can Obama change Washington politics by engaging in the sort of tactics he attacks everyday? Of course this is nothing new. Very early in the primary Obama did in fact run a fairly positive campaign. However he all but abandoned that after his surprise defeat in New Hampshire.

But of course, any negative attacks Obama makes will be blamed on Clinton.

One thought on “Desperate Obama to Increase Negative Attacks

  1. It’s hard to get much more negative than giving her the finger. Whoops. I know, that was scratching his nose. And when he says dog and Hillary in the same sentence he isn’t making any veiled references. Positive guy. You gotta wonder if he’s tough enough for this whole presidency thing.

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