OH GOD!!!!

Haha. The stuff I find on accident while at work… This article is so good I’m just going to quote and laugh:

Christian Sex: Holy and Hot! ABC News

More evangelical couples — once embarrassed and prudish about sex — are now leaving their Christian inhibitions at the bedroom door.

For this growing group of younger, more progressive Christians, guilt is out and pleasure is in.

“We discovered that God’s word is holy and hot & filled with invaluable wisdom for our sexual relationship,” says intimateissues.com, one of the most popular Christian Web sites. It is based on a 1999 book by the same name.

The Christian wife has come a long way, baby, as a variety of sex advice books with titles like “Intimacy Ignited,” “Gift-Wrapped by God” and “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul” are emphasizing the earthly as well as the heavenly side of love.


Home pastors Paul and Lori Byerly of Salem, Ore., dispense more sex advice than Playboy magazine on their Web site, TheMarriageBed.com.

Created in 1997, the site covers topics like anal, oral and phone sex; masturbation and role-playing; fetishes; bonding; and spanking.

Giggity Giggity

As Mark would say…thats hot

Good for them though. I think more people should be open about sex.


2 thoughts on “OH GOD!!!!

  1. No, no… there are some people who needs to act like they never have sex… your parents and relatives being amongst them. Ugh!

    How many of us have been traumatized by walking in our parents in the midst of sex? Aigh! My eyes!

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