Who the fuck is allergic to bananas?!?!

So my coworker just told me she was allergic to bananas. BANANAS! Who the fuck is allergic to bananas?!?!

Saying you’re allergic to bananas is like saying you’re allergic to soft pillows. Bananas are like the wuss asses of the fruit hierarchy. They get punked around by apples but they’re not quite the bitches kumquats are. (Who the fuck eats kumquats anyways…)

Now if it was oranges she was allergic to I could understand. Oranges will fuck you up. Have you ever gotten citric acid in your eye? Probably not because you’d be dead if you had. Or at the very least marginally uncomfortable. But a banana is no Orange neither here nor in a court of law!

PS. fuck shoes…yeah you know what I’m talking about 😉


47 thoughts on “Who the fuck is allergic to bananas?!?!

  1. Bananas is a rare allergy, but people are jot actually allergic to bananas, but what a banana contains. For instance, each time I eat a banana, I get huge stomach cramps as if I did a 10hr abdominal work-out the day before. And the reason why it does that is because I am allergic to the natural latex a banana produces. Some people are allergic to the birch- pollen. Of course some people have it worst than others, like sometimes i will eat a banana and it wont do much, but like yesterday I hate one and was pretty sure my stomach was dying. Pretty much worst than when its the time of my menses xD. So just laughing at someone who has an a weakness to something, such as a banana, is very disrespectful. Just think about your shit before commenting about it on the internet.

    P.S. Respect 😉 peace!

  2. Yep me too- I’m allergic. I have an allergy to the vaso active amines in bananas. They make my stomach not produce the gastric juices necessary to digest the banana so I get horrible debilitating stomach cramps, heart palpitations, and I go pale with hot flashes.

    Not fun bro.

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