Obama Hasn’t Gone Negative????

(You’ll have to excuse the grammar issues. I’m tired and blogging from blackberry)

Obama hasn’t gone negative? Well then what FUCKING campaign have I been watching?

(Note: the cursing is to add emphasis not imply anger)

One of the more intresting narratives that has come out of March 4th has been the idea that Clinton’s negative campaigning allowed her to pullout a win in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island. The Obama campaign, and many others, have taken this message and concluded that it might be time for Obama to…*gasp* finally go negative.

The only problem with this is :

1) Negative campaigning isn’t why.
Clinton won
2) All of this complaining about
negative campaigning is horribly
uninformed. And…
3) Obama has gone negative on
Clinton for months now. In fact.

But luckly for me this gives me three different things to blog about. Yay!

Let’s deal with the third issue first. Obama’s been very negative this campaign. Think Obama hasn’t gone negative? Well what do you call these:

1) Sending out mailers blaming her for NAFTA even after Newsweek, hardly a pro Clinton magazine, said the quote was false. Even after David Gergen, who was there, said it wasn’t true. Even after a NYT article said she opposed it.

2) The Harry and Louise health care ad, that he got a huge pass on from the media/lazy blogosphere. Remember that ad was like the 90’s version of swift boating.

3) Saying that Clinton’s Health Care mandate would result in her going after your wages. (Whose wages does Obama’s Children mandate go after?)

4) The numerous mailers and ads saying “Hillary will do anything to win”

I don’t even have time to get into the many many negative things Obama has said about Clinton such as:

– calling her a divisive figure
– saying she has poor judgement
– saying she represents Status Quo – calling her Bush-lite!
– saying she represents the politics.
of old
– basically calling her and bill liars

… And that’s off the top of my head


For example. The infamous “how do we beat the bitch” question John McCain was asked earlier in the campaign no doubt represents some people’s opinions regarding Hillary Clinton.

If McCain or Obama were sending out mail saying “don’t vote for Hillary because she’s a bitch” Some people, mostly republicans, might agree, but I think we can all plainly see that this would be negative campaigning.

People also like to say “oh but we’re talking about the issues, that’s not negative campaigning!” Here’s another little secret. Issue based negative ads are some of the best negative attacks.

Hillary Clinton’s ad saying Obama’s health care plan will leave 15 million people uninsured is about a major issue. The claim is based on a legitmate study and has been backed up by numerous health car experts. Yet her mailers and TV ads that point out this FACT are still negative ads

Face it, all campaigns go negative. The words negative and campaign are synonms. But I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s chapter on why there’s nothing wrong with negative campaigning.


One thought on “Obama Hasn’t Gone Negative????

    Well, I guess the messiah is just a two bit politician after all. Obama’s supporters complain that Americans are too stupid to choose a candidate based on issues, but they stick with Obama, even after he has flip flopped on all the issues … as if to say “I will continue to support Obama, no matter what he says, does, or believes. Blind loyalty is what’s really stupid.

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