Family Guy Spin-off On It’s Way?


I can’t really say I’m enthusiastic about this new spinoff. American dad is eh but it has its moments, but a spin off of Cleveland?!?! Really? Come on!

He’s probably the worse possible character they could have choosen aside from Meg…fucking Meg.

A spinoff with Stewie would have been great. Imagine all the totally whacked adventures he could have had traveling around the globe trying to seek world domination. Imagine a series similar to the intro of season four of Family Guy where Stewie is fights Osama Bin Laden in a adventerous but funny way. Plus Stewie’s + political satire is priceless.
Even better, a spin off between with Stewie is an invitation for countless encounters with Brian.

Or if they wanted to think outside the box the creators could have created an Adam West spinoff. You saw what he did to the Noid right? Come on, who DOESN’T want to see old annoying characters beat to death every Sunday night?

But Cleveland? I mean he’s not only not very funny, but he’s kind of annoying to watch. It might be good, but I’m just sayin…


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