Plagiarism: Obama’s Authenticy Problem

I’m sure by now most people have heard that Barack Obama plagurized several lines verbatim from Deval Patrick then lied about it after being caught. I’ll post the links tomorrow but here’s my take on it.

Plagurizing Patricks lines in and of itself isn’t a big deal. The idea that Obama is a manufactured politician, which this is one step from proving is a big deal.

More importantly, the fact that it looks like the Obama campaign LIED about this makes it a REALLY big deal. You know what they say, its not the crime its the cover up. (Ironically this is an important point Obama could have learned from the politics of old…IE the Clinton and Nixon Adminstrations.)

Let’s not bullshit here. Obama is running a campaign on the fact that he’s different than the typical politician. His change theme seems to make that point obvious. Some voters, who are unrepresentive of the average voter, might claim that they like Obama better on policy than Clinton but the average Obama supporter supports him because of his message “I’m different and I can change things.”

But when you compare Obama the politician to Clinton the politician, Obama is a politically similar, less experienced, neophyite without a universal health care plan. He’s Clinton without the legislative savy.

So yes, when it comes to light that Obama is just an ordinary politician it is a big deal. Especially when you compare this event with the press beginning to slowly get over their fascination with Obama.

I’m not saying that this alone will sink Obama but if you won’t even concede that Obama engaging in the politics of old that he so rountinely critisizes is a big deal, then you truly are a member of Cult Obama.


4 thoughts on “Plagiarism: Obama’s Authenticy Problem

  1. This guy is a dud! Another gimmick for the country to play with. There is a pattern to this guy….beneath the surface of it all it is starting to show.

    Hoaxes like this are the property of the clinton hating media. Whether he survives this scrutiny and end up as the democratic nominee will be atest for democrats- if they are mature enough to take back the WH.

  2. I’ll admit, Obama is as big of a douche as the rest of them (who better to recognize on of his own than me) but I just don’t want to give up my iPOD and I think that sacrificing the country into Obama’s hands for at least 4 years will be worth it, because by that time I will be able to afford a new one. Plus I can’t wait to see you fall over after drinking.
    Oh by the way, what the hell is plaGURism? Is that when someone pretends to be a bear and say GURRRRRRR!!! to much? If that’s the case they should talk to Tony the Tiger because I hear he suffered from the same affliction. I was unaware that politicians ever GUR’d in public.

  3. I’d rather have an authenticity problem than have problems winning elections, losing superdelegates, being out of money and having a candidate making inroads in your base of support.

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