The Simplest Explaination of Why I’m Voting for Clinton over Obama

Post CNN debate Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Clinton supporter says :

People in my district have a lot of hope. They go to bed hungry, they have trouble heating their homes but they have a lot of hope that things will get better. They don’t need more hope, they need help.

SPOT ON. This is exactly the counter narrative the Clinton campaign needs to incorporate. I made this point a few nights ago. Obama supporters, when looking at the demographics, are people who are…more or less in a better position in the economy. They’re peop who think that “people arguing” in Washington is the most pressing issue in the country.

Clinton voters are people who worry about feeding their family and struggling to stay afloat in the tidal wave of being an economic second class citizen in American.

To borrow a line from John Edwards, there are two America’s in this country, and people who belong to that disenfranchised rung of America want someone to fight for them, not someone to make them feel all warm and fuzzy.


2 thoughts on “The Simplest Explaination of Why I’m Voting for Clinton over Obama

  1. Tell that to the low icome people I know. Obama was out on the streets helping people and where was the Evil queen? On the Walmart board!

  2. when you cannot talk about hope…. resort to class warfare.


    here’s is one for you. Talk is cheep. How many years has Hillary been “talking?”

    Hope moves people to action, inspires them to move outside themselves.

    A Clinton administration will be so racked by scandle and “Bill” that I imagine they will be too busy to pass out heating oil stamps.

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