The Australian Rips Obama


If only we could have a fair media corps that called out all candidates equally. If we did we’d probably have more articles like this :

I HAVE watched with intense interest the rise and rise of Barack Obama over the past year. Who interested in US presidential politics (and the whole world should be, given the consequences for the globe) could not be fascinated by the young, fresh, eloquent figure who promised so much?

When Obama won the Iowa caucus, the first vote in the nominating process for presidential candidates, I watched to see how he would behave.

Would he follow Churchill’s great dictum: “In defeat defiance, in victory magnanimity.” No he did not. In victory he showed vanity and vindictiveness. Vanity in his clear belief that what the flatterers and fans were assuring him was the truth: he was a political messiah. And vindictiveness in his dismissive and arrogant treatment of Hillary Clinton in the last New Hampshire debate.

He showed the same vindictiveness and lack of magnanimity after his victory in South Carolina. The first part of his victory speech was a deeply unpleasant attack on the Clintons. No graciousness there. And how did he handle defeat in New Hampshire and Nevada? With a combination of denial, petulance and the launching of a successful campaign to persuade the American media that the Clintons were engaged in a campaign of lies about him and, even worse, in a campaign of surreptitious racism.


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