The Truth Behind Ted Kennedy’s Endorsement of Obama

So why did Ted Kennedy endorse Barack Obama? Because of his message? Because of his “inspiration”? Because he’s like JFK? Nope! Because he got pissed off when Clinton gave LBJ credit for passing the civil rights act of 1964:

Sources say Kennedy was privately furious at Clinton for her praise of President Lyndon Baines Johnson for getting the 1964 Civil Rights Act accomplished. Jealously guarding the legacy of the Kennedy family dynasty, Senator Kennedy felt Clinton’s LBJ comments were an implicit slight of his brother, President John F. Kennedy, who first proposed the landmark civil rights initiative in a famous televised civil rights address in June 1963. One anonymous source described Kennedy as having a “meltdown” in reaction to Clinton’s comments. Another source close to the Kennedy family says Senator Kennedy was upset about two instances that occurred on a single day of campaigning in New Hampshire on Jan. 7, a day before the state’s primary

Both comments that day, by Clinton and her supporter, were meant to make the point that Clinton would be better equipped to get things done as president than Obama, her chief Democratic rival. Sources say Clinton called Kennedy to apologize for the LBJ comments. But whatever she said clearly wasn’t enough to assuage Kennedy, who endorsed Obama earlier this week.

Of course, LBJ did pass the civil rights act of 1964. I think its unfortunate that Kennedy is endorsing Obama because of pride instead of his opinion on the future


3 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Ted Kennedy’s Endorsement of Obama

  1. Kennedy was correct. Clinton forgot his/her history,hestory. JFK was in the middle of the thick. MLK would have been a footnote to the history of the 60s. LBJ only followed JFK’s lead, then RFK’s. In my estimation, LBJ screwed-up big time. VIETNAM IS HIS LEGACY. Obama is a representative of the Corporation greed. Where’s the love JFK and RFK spread throughout the world. They stood for the best America offered. We won’t see their example for many years to come. Simply, GWB exploited the 9/11 disaster to the max. He’s responsible for our being so disliked, even abhored around the world. Good riddance! Hillary, although I voted for her, absentee, was doing what pols do best: kiss a__.

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