Obama snubbed Clinton before the State of the Union too!

Cross posted from Mydd diary by author Denny Crane

By now we’ve all made up heard plenty about Obama’s snubbing of Hillary before Bush’s God-awful State of the Union address. But apparently, there was an Obama snub before the Obama snub we’ve all had so much fun discussing.
Apparently, some unnamed leading Democrats wanted Clinton and Obama to sit together during the SOTU. Clinton was willing , but Obama’s people said no.

Obama staffers rejected proposal for their candidate to sit with Clinton at State of the Union.
Leading Democrats wanted rivals to sit together for the sake of party unity.
Clinton was willing, but Obama chose to sit with newly-minted supporter Ted Kennedy.

Axelrod says no such invitation came from the Clinton camp.

If this story is true, not only did Obama snub Hillary by turning away from her before the horrible speech, but his people snubbed her even before that. How tacky can you get? As the Boston Globe puts it:

It’s the one night in Washington when decorum truly reigns: The president delivers the State of the Union speech, and politicians of both parties put on their best behavior and come together to pay tribute to the living, breathing democracy that makes America what it is. Did Barack Obama honor the tradition?

Hillary Clinton did the classy thing. She walked right over to her friend and colleague Ted Kennedy and shook his hand. Despite the fact that he had just endorsed her rival in the nomination race. She wasn’t petty about it. She’s a grown up.

2 thoughts on “Obama snubbed Clinton before the State of the Union too!

  1. YUp – this is the stupid stuff thate engages you. HRC lied about Obama’s stance on Reagan, put out a misleading ad , helped flame racial tensions- and she is a classy woman.

  2. Conclusions arrived at in haste are a dangerous thing since you dont have all the facts. Obama was turned when Clinton shook hands with Kennedy in order to give them space in a gracious gesture not necessarily to snub her. And even if it were true that Obama staffers did not allow Clinton to sit next to Senator Obama, why should they? Clinton and her husband have been misrepresenting Obama’s record and appealing to voeters on the basis of race. Why should Obama pretend that he is ok with that kind of dirty politics being waged against him?

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