Hillary Clinton wins FL

With nearly two million democrats voting in the Florida primary, Hillary Clinton has won the state of Florida with nearly 1 MILLION votes. She won 50-33-14. (Clinton, Obama, Edwards). Of course Florida has no delegates…right now. But I’ll touch on that in a later entry. In order to appreciate Clinton’s win you need to view the demographic breakdown of the exit polls:


Females for Clinton 54-31
Seniors for Clinton 58-26
Hispanics for Clinton 61-28
Economy for Clinton 50-32
Healthcare for Clinton 52-33
Independents for Clinton 40-30
Whites for Clinton 53-23

Satisfied if Clinton wins nomination 80-20
Satisfied if Obama wins nomination 70-29
Most likely to unite country … Clinton?!?! 42-36

Of course the Obama spin artist will say that “no candidates campaigned in Florida so it doesn’t matter.” Of course they over look the fact that Florida voters watch CNN and MSNBC, stations where Obama aired ads that people saw in Florida. Also just so you know, the tubes that run the internets doesn’t stop at the Florida border.


8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton wins FL

  1. I would say that the statistics shown favor Obama over Clinton. Yes, Clinton won the state, but she won the state with the 2nd highest population of Hispanics, and the highest population of Seniors (and thus Healthcare), both groups being nationally, more for Clinton than Obama.

    Not to mention the statistics you didn’t mention, which must be the exact opposite if it was a 50/33.

    Males for Clinton
    Youths for Clinton
    Blacks for Clinton

    Anyhows, you’re wrong to assume what the Obama fans will say, you simply have no idea what they’ll say. The real Obama fans are going to look at the statistics and smile in relief. To have done so well (50/33) without the psychological campaigning (Clinton: “You Floridians deserve a vote too!!!”), with the worse numbers being in the areas they were. It’s almost a guaranteed win Nationally. But at least the Clinton group has something to make them smile over for a bit, no harm in that.

  2. Sphynx

    I’m not sure what argument you’re trying to make. Really, the sentence structure doesn’t make sense. Maybe rephrase your argument? But as for the demographic’s I didn’t show…

    Clinton won males 42 to Obama’s 38
    Clinton won 18-29’s youth vote

    Obama did win African Americans but i mean…he is black.

  3. I mainly just said, it’s not surprising at all that a state with such a large Hispanic and Elderly population favored Clinton. What is surprising is that, despite her being the only one pushing people to the polls in Florida, 1/3rd of those she pushed still voted for Obama.

    The margin was much much smaller than any Obama fan would have expected, and gives all Obama fans a great sense of relief on how well Obama should do Nationally where the Hispanic and Elderly count is not only lower, but where Obama can campaign as much as Clinton can.

  4. If you’re satisfied with taking a 17% loss in the polls thats cool with me. You can try to spin it all you want but 17%, or a 160,000 voters, speaks for itself.

    As for your lame attempt to spin the results because Obama didn’t campaign there

    First, the state party was pushing democratic turnout as well as a huge tax initiative at the ballot. Obama supporters had just as much reason to turn out as anyone else.

    Second, Labor Union UNITE-HERE which supports Obama was dropping lit for him


    Third Florida is not an island in the middle of nowhere. Obama gets a lot of national media coverage and there’s the internet. I’m pretty sure after 10 million debates and a primary season thats gone on since May, Florida voters know who Barack Obama is.

    Fourth You can’t say Barack Obama outperformed and then say “oh people in Florida don’t know who he is”

    Fifth your appeal to lack of campaigning could swing either way People in Florida could see Obama and then decide they dislike him. Or they could see Clinton and see they like her

    Sixith, Clinton didn’t campaign there either.

    Regardless, good luck trying to find places where hispanics and eldery don’t make up good chunks of the population. Most states, and congressoional districts, have good amounts of both those demographics.

    But what does that say about Obama’s chances in Nov if he can’t improve among those two core constituencies?

  5. Only 1 campaigner went into Florida (my home state) and sobbed the old “But your votes should count too…” in an effort to make us believe she’s the choice that would make our voices heard (though her history states otherwise).

    There’s no doubt that people know who Obama is, and that his more international campaign efforts, such as the internet, media coverage, and cable networks, got to us Floridians. Nobody argued that.

    The only factors I bring/brought forth was that, in a state where she directly and even effectively tried to strike a chord of being the only candidate that would listen to us, the fact she only won by 17% is saying alot. The fact that the only group she really struck that chord with was the already anti-black (in a stereotypical sort of manner, not personal) Hispanic and the Elderly, says even more. In states where that chord can’t be struck, things will be alot different.

  6. Sphynx

    I have to go to bed. But you largely ignore my counter warrants to your accusations, probably because I make some pretty damn good points.

    What it boils down to is the unfortunate fact that saying only in front of 17% or 160,000 doesn’t make those numbers any smaller.

  7. You’re right. It doesn’t. Nor does it change that those numbers are alot smaller than Obama fans suspected they would be. We expected the opposite of South Carolina with around a 28% difference. We expect to lose California too, and even Texas (though not by as much). We expect he’ll win most of the other states pretty easily, but that the delegate count will still be very close because of those states. Enough so that Florida will indeed have a chance of tipping the scales towards Clinton if it comes to that. Personally though, I think Obama will win even after counting Florida’s votes (which, despite being an Obama supporter, I think should be counted).

    Anyhows, sleep well. I’ve enjoyed our discourse.

  8. Heh, was going through my old blog posts and came across this one. How’s my prediction so far? 😛 We lost California, and we’re a week away from the only other loss I predicted. 😉 All the others, we’ve won. As I said, the numbers in Florida were all we needed to see to know that Obama would win everywhere else.

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