Obama Supporter: African Americans who do not support Obama have “slave mentality”

Via Talking Points Memo:

Although the Clinton and Obama campaigns have agreed to dial back all of the talk about race and civil rights, the Obama campaign might just have to answer for some comments made today by a very prominent supporter — none other than Rev. Joseph Lowery, one of the original founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

“No matter how much education they have, they never graduated from the slave mentality,” Lowery said at a community forum in Atlanta, in which he was asked about African-Americans who have said Obama should have waited longer to run for president, or doubt his electability. Lowery added, “The slavery mentality compels us to say, ‘We can’t win, we can’t do.'”

This might lead to a headache for Obama. But bear in mind that Lowery’s remarks were not made at any kind of campaign-sponsored event, but rather were made on his own time at an unrelated venue.



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