Huck that noise !: Huckabee seeks to bring constitution inline with the bible

Every so often I think “You know…this Mike Huckabee guy isn’t so bad. He actually ‘gets’ it” . But then he goes and says something like this:

At a Michigan campaign event last night, Mike Huckabee says we have to amend the Constitution to ban both abortion and gay marriage. Otherwise, the Constitution would be in conflict with God.

…and I remember that he’s just a far right Christian Conservative from the same politicial vein that brought us laws that tell you what two consenting adults can or can not do in the privacy of their homes, that prefers mysticism and magic over science and facts, and worst of all doesnt believe in evolution. By the way, I’m sorry but if you don’t believe in something as simple as evolution, that’s an automatic disqualifier as far as me voting for you. If you’re not down with the monkey then you’re not down with me.

But anyways…for all those people who are thinking “Oh I’m a democrat but I don’t like Barack or Hillary; but this Huckabee fella seems like a nice guy…” remember that outside of Giuliani, Mike Huckabee is probably the closest out of any Republican running for President to George W. Bush. Do you really want this guy picking supreme court nominee’s?

PS. I’ve determine that the only good thing about a Mike Huckabee presidency would be my ability to consistently use Huck as a substitute for Huck. Tempting…but the guys does believe in the Fair Tax. I mean really…the fair tax? Come on….


3 thoughts on “Huck that noise !: Huckabee seeks to bring constitution inline with the bible

  1. you perhaps need to read the constitution on the process for amendmending the constitution.

    the president (at least most correctly and constitutionally understood) is not the DECIDER.

    er.. um..

    I seem to recall something about “we the people”

    We need to quit KNEE JERKING and blogjerking every damn little thing that a cheap politician says to get elected.

  2. Underdog

    Only a fool, on Mars, in a cave, hiding under his bed, with his fingers in his ears for the last 50 years would suggest that the president does not have the ability to propose a constitutional amendment. Amendments operate in the same sense as legislation. Does the constitution give the president the right to introduce legislation? No. Do president’s introduce legislation. Um, yes.

    But more than that, you miss the point. Its a very telling statement when a presidential candidate is saying that he supports changing the constitution to make it “more in line with the bible” Because even if Huckabee does not change the constitution he can still push legislation which vastly restricts abortion rights, restricts the rights of homosexuals to marry or even legislates based on the biblical beliefs.

    Are you really doubting this?

    Thanks for reading

  3. Huck That Noise! Hmm. It’s original, it’s fresh, it’s got staying power. Survey says…. um yes that is hilarious and a beautiful spin from the classic. I approve, but I want to see my royalties.

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