Obama: Clinton remark’s not racist

In an interview/press conference with ABC news Barack Obama told reporters that he thought Clinton’s comments were in no way racist.

Sen. Barack Obama told ABC News Monday there is nothing in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s record that would give him any cause for concern about her in terms of racial politics.

Asked how Obama interpreted two recent remarks by the Clintons that prompted an angry reaction from some in the Black community, Obama sought to damp down the racial dynamics of the controversy.

Many African Americans were offended when Hillary Clinton told an interviewer in New Hampshire, “Martin Luther King’s dream became a reality when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Some say she seemed to suggest that it took a white politician to fulfill a black man’s dream.

“I don’t think it was in any way a racial comment,” Obama told ABC News. “That’s something that has played out in the press. That’s not my view.”

Good for Obama. I’m glad he came out and made a public statement to clarify that he was not attempting to play racial politics. HOWEVER, knowing what I do about politics, this is usually what campaigns do. They plant the seed in the minds of voters, let the press talk about it non stop for a few days and then apologize, clarify, or take the “charitable” stance. If Obama really felt that people, many of them people involved in his campaign, were misinterpreting comments Clinton made last week then Obama could have made this statement then. I guess more politics as usual for Obama.

Though like I said originally, my hat is off to him for eventually saying the right thing.


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