That’s not true! : Obama and his lobbyists

I thought this was a good homemade ad:

And before anyone tries that whole “oh but he’s a state lobbyist” bs remember that Obama’s National Co-Chairman Jim Hodges is a FEDERAL lobbyist.

(Read the update at the bottom)


4 thoughts on “That’s not true! : Obama and his lobbyists

  1. Paul’s claims have not found traction. An audit by the Federal Elections Commission found that neither Senator Clinton nor her Senate campaign had accepted any illegal funds in connection with the Hollywood fundraiser[39], though the campaign was asked to pay $35,000 in fines for having underreported the cost of the party.[40] Paul’s suit against the FEC was thrown out; his attempt to bring ethics charges against Clinton were rejected,[41] and his fraud charges against Senator Clinton were tossed out in April 2006.[42] Paul continued to press civil charges against Senator Clinton and former President Clinton for “looting”[43] his business, but the courts refused to allow him to sue Senator Clinton, with the appellate court specifying that her behavior had been “perfectly legal,” and allowing her to recoup her legal fees from Paul.[39]

    Stop hanging out with Mark

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