Obama’s Debate Gaffe

One of the best exchanges in the debate came when Hillary Clinton quipped:

And I do think that, you know, part of what this primary process is all about, and New Hampshire voters are, you know, famously independent in making their judgments, is to look at our records, to evaluate where we stand and what we stand for.And I think that there is a lot of, you know, room to ask all of us questions.

You know, Senator Obama has been — as the Associated Press described it, he could have a pretty good debate with himself.

Of course Obama replied:

Well, you know, I think the Associated Press was quoting some of your folks

Uh-oh! Wrong answer. The very first paragraph of an Associated Press article on December 22nd reads:

If he wanted, the Barack Obama of today could have a pretty good debate with the Barack Obama of yesterday. They could argue about whether the death penalty is ever appropriate. Whether it makes sense to ban handguns. They might explore their differences on the Patriot Act or parental notification of abortion.


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